Our recent office refurbishment brought to light some interesting documents from a few years back.

To the left is a National Farmer’s Union mutual insurance policy from 1954 (before I was born) when Mr Hebb Bailey owned the business.

Some of my older customers may still remember him.

The insert above lists the premiums payed to The Society each week against every animal purchased by Mr. Bailey.

Heifers and bulls - 12/6d
Sheep and lambs - 6d
Sows and boars - 10 bob!

What many of our more recent customers may not know is that we used to slaughter our own beasts and lambs in the out buildings to the rear of our Asfordby shop.
In fact the old iron holding pens are still there today.

To the right is my Slaughterman’s licence from 1995.

Sadly it is no longer cost effective for small independent butchers like ourselves to operate a slaughter house - but even so you can rest assured that all our fresh meats and poultry are still fully traceable.