Available in sizes to suit your needs - or appetite! Small (320g) Medium (500g) or special order oblong.

Gamble and Hollis

Pork Pies

I’ve worked at the butcher’s shop in the village of Asfordby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire since I was a 14 year old schoolboy and took over ownership of the business in October 2011 following the retirement of Mr. Keith Bailey.

As you would expect things have moved on since I last rode my Butcher Boy’s bike over 40 years ago. We now make our deliveries - still direct to your front door - in specially adapted refrigerated vans.

From these and from our shop in Asfordby we offer:

   Fully traceable fresh British meat and poultry
   Hand-made own recipe sausages
   Home-made pies and specialities
   Home-cooked ham, haslet, pork, turkey etc.
   Locally produced Stilton and other aged cheeses

Our vans service the following villages within the borough of Melton Mowbray:

Ashby Folville  |  Barsby  |  Cossington  | Frisby-on-the-Wreake  | Gaddesby
Great Dalby  | Grimston  |  Hoby  |  Ragdale |  Rearsby |  Rotherby | Saxelby |  Scalford  |  Thrussington  |  Wymeswold  | Waltham-on-the-Wolds and of course...
Melton Mowbray.

Supplier also to caterers, local pubs
and delicatessens.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional personalised service we offer to all our customers. We much prefer to discuss and advise on your individual requirements either by phone or in person.

We have therefore decided not take orders on line but we are happy to accept them via email. Please feel free to email me at with any orders, queries
or feedback.

The Perfect Steak

Our sirlion, fillet and rump have always been firm favourites, but here at Vinny’s of Asfordby we can provide you with a great selection of additional steak cuts as
shown here.


Seared outside. 2.5 minutes each side.

75% red centre. It should feel soft and spongy with slight resistance.









Seared outside. 4 minutes each side.

25% pink centre. It should feel fairly firm and springy.








Well Done

6 minutes each side. 100% brown throughout. It should feel very firm and will spring back quickly.

Rib Eye Steak

Sirloin Steak

Fillet Steak

Centre Cut Steak

Prime Rump Steak

Flat Iron Steak

Bistro Rump Steak

Club Steak

The Team

Be it for a simple Sunday roast or a special occasion/dinner party we will cut, trim and prepare your fresh meats and poultry to your exact requirements using time-honoured traditional methods. It’s all part of the service!

Phil Earl

My favourite Sunday roast:
Roast Beef

My favourite sausage mix:

My favourite steak:

My tip for a mid-week treat:
Beef mince

Vinny Whitfield

My favourite Sunday roast:
Roast Chicken

My favourite sausage mix:
Mustard and Black Pudding

My favourite steak:

My tip for a mid-week treat:
Belly of Pork Slices

Pat James

My favourite Sunday roast:
Roast Lamb

My favourite sausage mix:
Traditional Pork

My favourite steak:
Rib Eye

My tip for a mid-week treat:
Pork Chops

A Little Nostalgia

Below left is a National Farmer's Union mutual insurance policy from 1954 (before I was born) when Mr Hebb Bailey owned the business. Some of my older customers may still remember him.

To the right lists the premiums paid to 'The Society' each week against the every animal purchased by Mr. Bailey.

Heifers and Bulls - 12/6d
Sheep and Lambs - 6d
Sows and Boars - 10 bob!

What many of our more recent customers may not know is that we used to slaughter our own beasts and lambs in the out buildings to the rear of our Asfordby Shop. In fact the old iron holding pens are still there today.

Above is my Slaughterman's licence from 1995. Sadly it is no longer cost effective for small independent butchers like ourselves to operate a slaughter house - but even so you can rest assured that all our fresh meats and poultry are still fully traceable.

Come say hello...

If you would like us to call on you at your home either contact us on
01664 812205, email me at or why not come and say hello when you next see one of our vans out and about.

Traditional High-Class Family Butcher

82 Main Street, Asfordby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. LE14 3SA

Tel: 01664 812205  |  email:

Awarded the maximum

Food Hygiene Rating

by Melton Borough Council


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Shop opening times:

Monday:  7.30am - 12.30pm     |    Tuesday:  7.30am - 5.30pm     |    Wednesday:  7.30am - 5.30pm

Thursday:  7.30am - 5.30pm     |    Friday:  7.30am - 5.30pm     |    Saturday:  7.30am - 12.30pm    |    Sunday:  Closed

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